Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick-or-Treating 2010

We had a great time trick-or-treating this year! Our neighborhood is full of kids and everyone was out the second it turned 4:00. Graham, our fearless dragon, did a great job leading his two fairy princess sisters around the neighborhood. We visited houses on our street and the street behind us which was long enough for everybody! We're guessing it was a little warmer for trick-or-treating in Durham.

This little pumpkin slept through the whole outing!

We ran into Graham's good friends.

Bags were dragging as we made our way home with the loot.

Graham tested out the scary houses first before Bea and Inga would go to the door.

Happy Halloween!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Ed Emberley's Fingerprints

Graham has been very busy creating funny creatures lately. We love Ed Emberley's books!
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Little Pumpkins

Here is Graham as a little pumpkin before Halloween.

And here is William!

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Little Mother

My Grandpa Kremer used to call his daughters 'little mothers'. I think it was such a sweet term of endearment. Anytime William is crying, Inga is the first to shove a nuk in his mouth and hold it there (through his sobs). When he sneezes she is the first to say, "Bess you, baby yay-yum!" And when I am feeding him she always visits and says, "He dinkin' milk!" Inga is definitely our little mother!


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Halloween brownies

The kids and I made three pans of brownies for David's students this week. They loved decorating them with Halloween sprinkles!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

While I was putting the girls down for their nap William discovered his left hand. I watched him as he stared at it and moved it around, and I ran to get the camera. He may be our fourth baby, but things like hand discoveries still need to be documented! The second he saw the camera, however, he decided to turn on his charms instead.



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BIPoD 10.26.2010

Somehow they don't seem as naughty with piggies in their hair!

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Bath time is party time!

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Silly Daddy!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

hat hair, tents, and a floating farmer's market

Graham had major hat hair after playing outside yesterday. The battle wounds are the result of somersaulting down the slide and landing on his face.

Bea and Inga helped with the tent yesterday when Daddy got home from work. They were not, however, invited to sleep in it.

Graham usually goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:00. David does not. Because he didn't want to sleep outside alone, Graham had to wait until David was ready for bed before heading out. It was a long, long wait!

Today I washed the kitchen floor. The chairs in the family room quickly turned into a ship. Then, the bin of play food came down from the loft and the ship hosted a farmer's market. Who knew washing floors could be so fun?!