Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Part One: Family Fink

We had a great trip to Minnesota for Thanksgiving! Five hours into the trip home we were again thanking God that He brought us back to the midwest. We were also thanking Him for a one-day driving trip. No more stopping for the night after a full day's drive only to look forward to another long day of driving. No more irate Holiday Inn phone calls to confirm (and reconfirm, and reconfirm an hour later) that yes, they did get our message about two cribs in the room and yes, we do NEED two cribs in one room and YES, we ARE going to use BOTH cribs in ONE room because YES, we do have twins. And it's wonderful, Holiday Inn receptionist, that your neighbors' niece's cousin had twins. If they were driving all day, they would probably want two cribs waiting in their room, too. Yes, please. TWO.

Oh, a six hour drive is nice, even if it turns into eight hours. It's still just one day. Thank you, Lord!!

Here are Daddy and William after our first stop. William just finished eating and Daddy just finished distributing skittles to the other three.

We stopped at Buffalo Phil's for lunch in the Dells. Kind of cheesy, but a great place to stop with kids. Trains run around the perimeter and through the middle of the dining room, carrying drinks and food. The kids thought it was pretty great. The pizza wasn't bad, either.

There's an arcade by the bathrooms, so the kids practiced their cycling skills.

We got to Fink and Grandma's house right before sunset. Graham insisted on going outside to play in the snow.

Daddy still loves William, even after a huge diaper blow out in which William, William's clothes, David's clothes, and a few blankets all needed immediate washing.

Chatting with Unca Josh.

Chatting with Grandma

Another snow angel on Thanksgiving morning.

We spent Thanksgiving Day at Magnuson's house with their family and the Donners. It was such a fun time! I am taking pictures so you know that I held only one child at a time, and there were quite a few times when I found my arms empty! It was a nice break!

The kids' table was so cute! Silly bands and jars of color crayons were included.

William just stared at cousin James. Sometimes we want to do that too,
but we're not that rude. (just kidding, James!)

William thought Auntie Ginnie was pretty funny!

David carved the turkeys

Graham REALLY wanted to walk down to the shore 'to see the ocean' so David took him. White Bear Lake was COLD!!

Luke patiently helped Graham with a craft in the afternoon. Thanks, Luke!

Bea and her cousin Iris. Two peas in a pod!

William just hanging out with Grandma Great

Bea found sunglasses. It shouldn't surprise us!

The magnificently musical Magnusons led us in Christmas carols in the music room after dinner. I only wish I would have snapped a picture of Uncle John conducting with Anna's violin bow.

Friday night we went to Edina for the Shaw family reunion. There was a banjo player,

lots of pictures,

lots of cousins, a fake mustache,

and loud bagpipes!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


David's mom made their family's Christmas stockings when he was small. When we married, she made a stocking for me. We are so lucky to have beautiful stockings hand-crafted for each of our children as well. This year Bea and Inga 'discovered' their stockings for the first time. Thanks for such beautiful gifts, Peggy!

Grandma Beanie's beads

My great grandma was big into crafting and had pounds of sequins and beads to pass on. I have fond memories of making Christmas decorations as a child with some of those beads. When I began teaching my mom gave me the rest of the beads for my classroom. The box of beads has survived moving three states and six classrooms and is now the newest magic in my own children's lives. There's nothing like Grandma Beanie's sequins and beads to get us in the holiday spirit!

Sweet William

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Especially for Libby

The girls have thoroughly enjoyed Libby's animal noises. Here's one for her!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, November 08, 2010

Boy humor

William and I were remembering how Daddy's face was nearly covered in spit-up the middle of the night after an exceptionally loud burp. William thought it was really, really funny. I think it's a boy thing.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Chatting with William

Taking in a play

Our neighbor girls are a few years older than our kids and they LOVE playing with them! They put a play on for the kids yesterday afternoon before supper. It was enjoyed by all.

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Black Halloween play-doh




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