Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Joy of Bubbles

Of lights, ornaments, and gingerbread

So far this December we've:
Decorated for Christmas! William's outfit of choice is usually boxers.  That's it.

 gone on a few Jingle Bell drives (searching for the best lit up houses),
 fallen asleep on Jingle Bell drives

 made lots of Christmas cookies,
 celebrated St. Nicholas Day,
 decorated the tree (and redecorated when it fell over),

 laughed at William's antics,
 participated in 'Journey to Bethlehem' with Gaga,

 enjoyed Bea and Inga singing in church,
 decorated our gingerbread house,

 played with Gaga (who stayed with us while Inga had her tonsils out),
 and cheered hard for Graham's church basketball team (which needs harder, louder, cheering, apparently).
It's been a busy month!


We are so very thankful for the ways in which God has provided for us this year!  We enjoyed great food, great company, and a pretty competitive game of Headbands.