Saturday, June 16, 2007

Home at Last

I got back last night after six weeks at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. Here's a photo of me on Thursday night, looking pleased as punch at the prospect of heading home the next day. It was a long haul. Sarah was a champ at being a single mom for all that time (though she had some very welcome help from her mom), but she's as glad as I am that it's over. Now on to the honeydo list.


scvcia1 said...

Glad you have a nice photo of youself as a Captain. In my 8+ years as a captain I never got a picture of myself. You and your kids will appreciate it in years to come.

I suspect you will also put to very good use a lot of the training you had. You are an excellent steward.

We're proud to have you be the father of our most favorite grandson.

mutabilitie said...

what were you doing at the Air Force base?