Saturday, July 28, 2007

Early Birthday

Graham's second birthday is next Sunday. We are leaving this Wednesday for Minnesota and will celebrate his real birthday there, so Graham needed to open his presents from mommy and daddy before we left.


L M said...

We are also leaving Wed for MN. We'll be there through the 10th, I think. If you find yourself in the bestest little town in MN, stop by 1022 South 3rd street (white house with a large front porch on the corner of the street, west side of the street, it's Steve's parent's house) and we can go grab some ice cream at Nelson's or walk down main street together! We have our cell phones with us if you want to call.

David and Sarah said...

That would be fun! Oh, Nelsons....I haven't had their ice cream in FOREVER!!!!

L M said...

Just be sure to order a small. :) Steve's folks number is 430-2451.

So now you can give us a call at his folk's house as well! :)