Saturday, October 20, 2007

The State Fair

Thursday night we took Graham on his first outing to the state fair. The North Carolina State Fair, that is. The anticipation was high as we entered the fairgrounds, Graham perched upon his daddy's shoulders.

Were were not disappointed. There is always so very much humanity to see...

...and we were pleased to be reminded that in the south they have rather different notions concerning the separation of church and state fair.

We enjoyed some reasonably priced barbeque, compliments of the Methodists...

...and then we headed out back to watch a good old fashioned pig race.

There was chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick...

...which Graham heartily enjoyed, his mother's objections notwithstanding.

And in the chintzy souvenir department, daddy came through with a real, live light saber.

Graham's precocious saber skills caused a great disturbance in the Force.

But that didn't stop our little padawan learner from getting a closer look at them pigs.
On the whole, it was a very successful outing, even though we were unable to find any deep fried cheese curds. We'll have to get Graham out to the real state fair.

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