Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The GrahamCam Returns

It's been quite some time since we last posted any video of everybody's favorite little speed demon. But today we got ourselves an early Christmas present: a new camcorder. Our old camcorder served us well through many a living room romp with Graham, but it wasn't digital. That meant that we had to convert each clip using an analog-to-digital filter; not only was this time-consuming, but the quality was oh-so-1990's. Our new camcorder, however, records directly to an internal hard drive, which makes uploading and posting videos a snap. So yes: expect to see a good deal more footage in the coming weeks and months. Merry Christmas, us! And Merry Christmas, Graham groupies everywhere!


scvcia1 said...

The garage is one year old and no one has driven through it yet!

What a wonderful and explorative young man.

Who is grandpa? I only know Fink and Bop.

bop and gaga

David and Sarah said...

"Grampa" surprised me, too. Though frankly, I was pleased with the ambiguity. I think Graham is developing a sense of tact, and this is all to the good. ;)

Stuart said...

Glad to see the videos back. Must admit that despite not noticeing them not there they were missed.

Lets hope that he doesnt hit the garage in his act of practicing to drive.

Merry Christmas from this side of the pond