Sunday, March 08, 2009


We enjoyed the wonderful weekend weather at a nearby park. Graham played and the babies rolled around on a blanket.

Bea and Inga

Bea on her side and Inga blowing spit bubbles.

Graham and a new friend racing, toucans.


Bea and Inga

Graham gave Bea her first ride in the tire swing in our backyard. Graham really wasn't dying of boredom, even though he looks like it in this picture.

Dear friends came to watch the Duke/UNC game this afternoon. Sadly, Duke lost. But Inga got her first boy kiss from a non-relative, which she thought was wildly funny.

The first weekend of each month has been a dreaded weekend for me, especially the past five months. David spends the first weekend of each month at Pope Air Force Base ministering to the troops while I spend the weekend ministering to the babies. But now that Bea has decided to stop screaming her guts out until midnight every night, things have gotten decidedly easier. Both nights all three kids were in bed by 7:30 and I was able to spend two glorious hours reading in bed before the babies woke up to eat again. Thank you, Lord! It really is getting easier. And the thought of David being away again in four weeks doesn't make me feel ill.

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