Sunday, October 11, 2009

Viola's Pumpkin Stand

We took our annual drive north this afternoon to a little pumpkin stand in Rougemont, population 6,551. It's a quaint little town far enough out to be country but close enough to be convenient. I think Rougemont is charming; lots of old houses, lots of farmland and open meadows, quite a few friendly people who, although they live north of us, have accents that are distinctly more southern than those we are accustomed to in Durham. It's a sweet little country town. Two years ago when I was working at a middle school in Durham, I had to do a reading assessment on a boy who knew way too much about gangs, violence, and heartache and way too little about most things academic. He told me I looked like I was from Rougemont. I leave that up to interpretation. So, without further ado, pictures of Viola's Pumpkin Stand in Rougemont, North Carolina.

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