Saturday, May 29, 2010

Goodbye Party

Finding dinosaur bones in Weinard's backyard

Alex, Emily, Tom, and Linnea were all part of our small group for many years

After one last day of loading, Paul and Dad enjoyed Weinard's beautiful backyard and a cool beer

My dear friend Susan

Wardles and Heather (Andrew's mommy)

Chad made some NC style barbeque for the meal. David thoroughly enjoyed it!

My sweet friend Alexa

Bea enjoyed a book

Graham said goodbye to his best friend Andrew. The moms definitely were more teary than the boys, which was probably for the best.

Chad, Jack, Ashley, Louisa, Sarah, David, and Graham (the girls were beyond crabby by this point and thus passed off to the grandparents). Thank you, Chad and Ashley, for the sweet send-off! We miss you already!

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