Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Moving In

Bop helped put Graham's bed together the night we got to our new house.

Bea supervised from above

Unloading the truck

The truck was loud when the driver took it away!

Gaga and Bea in our front door

Goodbye, bright green and blue paint! The colors were replaced by a light lavender that was more suitable for the girls' room.

Grandpa Fink put our new microwave in

Bea walked around with stuffed animals, making sure everyone was working

Being silly with Gaga

Installing new appliances

David, Grandpa Fink, and Bop put up the scaffolding

while Graham built a great fort in the living room.

David hung the chandelier

Grandpa Fink and Bop put in the stove.

On Saturday we got to meet our newest family member, baby Elijah! Uncle Tim came to paint (thank you, Uncle Tim!!!) and Aunt Katie, Elijah, and Grandma Fink joined us later in the day.

Inga eyed Elijah with some suspicion...

Grandma made us a tasty supper!

Fantastic cupcakes from Aunt Katie

When David held our new nephew we both looked at each other and said, "I can't believe we're having another one of these!" It was a little bit overwhelming, but mostly just exciting to think about.


The kids played outside while Grandpa and Grandma Fink had their coffee on the patio

Inga, Graham, and Bea missed Uncle Josh so much that they decided to give themselves tattoos in his honor

Graham helped Daddy so much this past week!

We took a break after our company was gone to visit our new neighborhood park

Things are perfect yet, but most of the boxes have been unpacked and some of the pictures have been hung. And for those of you who prayed that we would find our silverware organizer, we found it. So thanks for your prayers!


Stuart said...

quickest and easiest way to get round the problem without deleteing old posts is to set up a new account and give it write privelages.

I believe that you can still use thesame Email address for it. I have access to about 5 different accounts for my Scout Group Blog page.

Katie said...

I'm glad your move went as smoothly as such things can go! Your new place looks beautiful. May everyone be quite settled in before the new lil guy arrives!