Tuesday, September 28, 2010

To the Geese

Our neighborhood pond is the new hot spot for thousands of geese. We hear them flying overhead all day long and everytime we do, Graham says, "There they go on a migration vacation!" We walked to the dock yesterday morning to feed them before they head further south.
Graham does a fantastic job of rationing out his piece of bread, breaking it into sometimes too-small pieces so that it lasts longer. Bea and Inga break a few pieces for the geese, but end up eating the rest!

Maybe I've been hearing too many stories of broken relationships lately, or maybe I just have extra post-partum hormones raging, but seeing the geese swimming together and knowing that they mate for life made me so thankful for my marriage. I bet geese experience some pretty cruddy things together (really, how many of us have been shot at?!) and deal with some tough weather along the way. Maybe they know which geese are the stronger ones and wish that their mate were more like another goose. But they stick together. Thanks, David, for being my guy for life! I love you.
End of hormonal message.

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