Friday, April 01, 2011

Quick MN trip

We survived the grossest flu we've had, thanks to Gaga's willingness to drive down to IL and care for us, lakes of vomit and all. The kids and I drove up with her a few days earlier than we had planned for a family wedding this weekend. We spent the late afternoon and evening at Fink's last night, playing with Rosie, hangin' with Uncle Josh, getting kisses from Fink, Grandma, and Grandma Great, and cheering on an intense bowling game on the wii.

At Bop and Gaga's house, William's been practicing his best crawling position moves and Graham, Bea, and Inga have enjoyed collecting duck eggs, watching the birds, doing science experiments, playing with Uncle Adam, Uncle Aaron, and Aunt Beth, and eating lots of treats.

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Marohl's said...

I didn't know you were coming, I'm so excited to meet William.