Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Value of a Dollar

Graham has been saving his quarters and dollars for a LONG time with one goal in mind: a Lego space shuttle. He's dusted the living room, vacuumed out car seats, and hauled loads of dirt and rocks in our landscaping projects to earn money. He gets a dollar for each load of dirt he unloads in our compost pile with his gator. He's been a good little worker, always trying (and sometimes succeeding) in higher wage negotiations. Yesterday, when Bop and Gaga sent each child a TEN DOLLAR (!) for Easter, he dashed inside, counted all of his money, and quickly decided to pay the extra 70 cents to get his Lego set at Walmart rather than wait for Amazon to deliver it on Monday. Daddy made a shopping trip with the kids before church. Graham slept with his unopened set last night and this morning, he was the first one up. "Daddy!!! Do you want to get up and build my lego set?!!"
Meanwhile, the last load of dirt is still in the gator. Time to help Graham find a new toy goal!

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