Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dresser before/after

We sold the changing table that has been in the girls' room for the past four years, and picked up two used dressers instead. The style was questionable and they were pretty beat up, but the joints were dove-tailed and they are very solid.  David worked his magic over the past few days.  Here's a picture of the tall one before:

I didn't take a picture of the long one beforehand, but it had the same 50's trim that had been very abused by either an angry dog or a naughty child, and the same awful hardware which doesn't look so awful in this picture but really was awful.


David sanded down the top, removed the trim, and then patched and sanded the drawers before painting it all.  

 Here's the finished product in the girls' room.  I think it turned out great!

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Scott and Emily: said...

VERY nice job Finks!