Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We trick-or-treated with our friends again this year.  Last year we dished up supper to the kids and they were ready to go out before we sat down to start our own meal.  We thought this strategy would allow them to actually eat real food before they ate candy.  They didn't eat the real food last year anyway, so we switched the order this year and it was perfect.  We trick-or-treated around the block and then enjoyed tacos and wine while our kids played together and exchanged candy.  Our two pirates and two princesses came home with full bags!
 Costume night at Awana

 This morning the kids added chocolate chip and candy corn faces to their pumpkin pancakes.  It was a very unhealthy day.  We embrace that rather than live in denial.
 Ready for trick-or-treating!  William refused to sit.
 And he refused to wear his pirate hat.  And his pirate shirt. But he still got candy.

 Anne and William were covered with snot and sucker slime by the end of the night!

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