Monday, February 04, 2013

A busy January

 To pass the time during a VERY cold week, the kids built fort after fort after fort.

 Our snow turned to mud last week.  William was thrilled.
 We've been studying the Civil War as part of our history this year.  Uncle Aaron sent down some uniforms and a pup tent from his reenacting days.  The kids had a blast with it! 
 Studying about Civil War uniforms is so much more fun when you're dressed as one of the guys!
 Graham's entrepreneurial endeavors continued with a slime museum.  Only 5 cents to see the exhibit!

 Graham also participated in his first real science fair.  His experiment was among forty young scientists from The Greenhouse.  We learned that light bends in different ways when it is combined with water lenses.

 More snow fell and Daddy had all of the kids working hard!
 A well-earned Sunday afternoon nap

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