Friday, May 31, 2013

Moving in!

 We had our walk through on Wednesday afternoon.  The previous owners left this little message on the chalkboard in the 'Narnia Room'.  It is a room off of G and W's room (appropriately entered through their closet doors) that was a storage room turned playroom.  With chalkboards.  And its own heating/cooling system.  These people are amazing grandparents!
 They also left treats for the kids in the fridge. 
 We got to show Bop and Gaga the house Thursday morning after we closed.  Thanks, Wardles, for hosting us Wednesday night!!  This is the side of the house, walking from the driveway to the back deck and patio.
 Dining room
 Unloading Thursday morning/afternoon.  Thanks, Tim and Cherie!
 Gaga made a stop at Candy Land in Stillwater before they came down!
 Bop and David
 Finding all of the fun play places in our backyard

 The first meal in our new house.
 Air hockey break
 Dad and David had to run a gas line to our dryer.  This is the crawl space (in case you care).
 Will, embracing his lumberjack heritage
 David, wishing he would have pursued logging rather than a PhD.....just kidding.  Kind of.
 We have a palm tree at the end of our driveway
 We love you, Bop and Gaga!
 David painted his study 'willow'.  He didn't like the white and yellow look.
 Trying to stay clean!
 Here's the part of the tour that will make you remember how much you should hate moving.  After many requests from many people, I'm posting pictures of our house exactly one week after we started unloading the trucks.  It's really messy.  Here's the study.
 Front bathroom.  Yes, the walls are sponge painted.   You forgot how cool that looked, didn't you.
 View from the living room to the front door.  The basement door on the left is open.
 Living room.
 Living room looking out to the porch.
 Living room from the kitchen/dining area

 Kitchen/dining room

 Laundry and garage entry right off of the kitchen
 Garage.  Who wants to come and unpack books?!
 Guest room
 Guest bathroom
 Loft looking from the guest room area toward the kids' rooms.
 Girls' room...see, we haven't even enforced bed-making in this house yet!
 Boys' room
 Closet leading to walk-in closet and Narnia room
 Walk-in closet with some amazing rods that David just installed
 Narnia room
 Kids' bathroom
 View from screened-in porch

 Basement (leading to game room)  Theatre room is on the right
 Theatre room
 Graham making our pancakes for supper (David's out of town for four nights)
 Our bedroom
 Our bathroom
Will working the cart

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Miller 5 said...

love the house, Sarah! It will be incredible once its all unpacked!!!