Monday, August 18, 2014


Saturday evening Graham gathered sticks, sent Bea out for monkey grass pieces, and began weaving.  Initially, he planned to make and sell his products as place mats, but David reminded Graham that place mats had to be big enough to hold plates.  Graham changed his marketing and labeled his woven wonder 'coaster  $1.50'.  
Sunday morning, Graham hired assistants Bea and Inga to help him set up his shop at the end of the driveway.  After ten minutes, the kids ran through the door, telling us that they had their first customers.  The customers were interested in the monkey grass coaster, but, unfortunately, weren't walking with any money.  They said that they might come back and the kids were thrilled.  
Hope springs eternal...
We headed off to church and after lunch and changing into 'selling' clothes, the three returned to their stand.  After fifteen or twenty minutes, Graham ran into the house yelling, "Mommy!!  I'm in BUSINESS!"  I asked him what happened and he said, "Well, the nice people who came this morning came back and they asked how our business was going and I said, 'horribly' and they looked at all of the stuff and said that they wanted to buy the coaster but they didn't have change and I didn't have change but then they found some quarters in their car and they BOUGHT it!!"  
After twenty more minutes, Bea had sold her 'children's fishing pole' that she had fashioned out of two sticks and some maroon-colored yarn.  
I wish that I had pictures of the coaster and fishing pole that were sold, but I did get pictures of the 
'Wig' (which we've told them is really more like one small hair extension and might sell better if it were labeled as such) and the 'Raft for a Toad'. 
As our cousin Christine wisely commented, "The toad raft is going to take a special buyer." 

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Bop Gaga said...

Please put that raft for a toad aside. I will buy it. I love the thought and creativity.

So much more suitable having a raft for a toad than a frog.