Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Burning Down the House

Here are the pictures we got from the city fire chief, taken by one of the first firefighters to arrive on the scene. Pretty cool, huh?

These first eight pictures, above, were taken within a span of nine minutes. The fire spread rapidly because of the high winds coming up the hill from the behind the house. These last two pictures, below, were taken about 15 minutes later.


Rachel said...

Oh, my. David, is this the house you grew up in, or have your folks moved since then?

Sarah's list of thanksgivings is good to read -- I'm glad to hear that so many things are working out well, in the face of everything.

Prayers continue.

David and Sarah said...

Yep, I grew up there--since age 12, at any rate. Lots of memories up in smoke.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness. Half an hour from the first to last pics?! How scary!

So glad everyone is alright. (I saw in the article that they lost their dog--I'm so sorry!)

David and Sarah said...

Thanks. I think losing the dog was actually the hardest part for my folks. They were quite attached to him. His name was Pippin, and he was a Yorkie. The firefighters buried him in the backyard down over the hill. Poor little guy.

Rachel said...

Another thing that I'm thankful for is that y'all, and the others who are helping out, were in a position to jump in the car and go help -- that the semester and exams are over for David, and (apparently!) Sarah has the job flexibility to take the time away, which I assume would be a lot harder, if not impossible, as a full-time classroom teacher.

It reminds me of when my grandmother was admitted to the hospital with severe pneumonia nine years ago. My uncle, a professor, was in the middle of the semester, and my aunt lived too far away to conveniently get there, but my parents were able to rearrange their lives on the fly and be there for my grandparents for what turned out to be the last two weeks of her life on earth. Their presence was a blessing, as I'm sure yours is now.

Are there loose ends with your life back here that any of us could help with? I know other PCFers have made the offer, but I wonder if anything else has come to mind now that you've been gone a week.

David and Sarah said...

Thanks for the offer, but I think things will be OK till we get back on Sunday. We're leaving tomorrow morning, and we'll be home Sunday evening. It really was a blessing that we could get away so easily. If it had been a week later or a week earlier, things would have been much more difficult. But it was reading week at Duke and there was a bit of a lull in Sarah's schedule, so it only took us about 5 minutes' worth of discussion to figure out we were going.