Wednesday, April 25, 2007


As David wrote in the previous post, this process has been very long and emotionally and physically draining. Every day we have been able to see God's hand in this - thank you for your prayers.
We are thankful for:
* Safety - David's parents are fine, David's sister Katie arrived from Chicago safely, and our trip went smoothly.
* Graham - He makes Paul and Peggy smile when nobody else can.
* Family - We've been leaving Graham with my parents for large portions of the day while we meet with various insurance people, city people, demolition people, etc. My brothers went down to Finks to help haul out large tools that could be saved, and they went back in with grubby clothes to see what else was salvagable. Magnusons have provided meals for us, and Grandma Shaw has provided support, information, and a place for Paul, Peggy and Katie to stay.
* Insurance - USAA has been amazing.
* Neighbors - The Finks' neighbors are fantastic. We've used thier bathrooms and they've brought us water, brownies, sandwiches, cake, rags for our hands, a warm place to talk....the list goes on.

Thank you all for your prayers. There are many major decisions to be made in the next few weeks. Please pray that Paul and Peggy are able to make wise decisions without feeling rushed. We'll keep you posted.

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Scott and Emily said...

Thanks for all of the detailed posts. We have been keeping the Finks in our prayers this week. We're glad that Graham's child-like presence has been a blessing to everyone. May God guide all decisions and continue to reveal Himself through the sadness and the loss...

Scott and Emily