Thursday, July 30, 2009

Max and Ruby

Graham loves Max and Ruby, two bunny characters created by Rosemary Wells. Ruby is the older sister and rather bossy. She spends her time directing Max, which is something that I can relate closely to as I was very much a director growing up. But Graham doesn't let me be Ruby when we play Max and Ruby because, like his mother, he enjoys being in charge.

"Mama, you be Max and I will be Ruby." (surprise).

"Let's fight!"

"No, Max, like THIS!"

"Max, we need to go to grandma's. Get in the car, Max. I have the map. You will sit in the passenger seat and I will drive us because you are too little to drive but I am not. I am big."

"Max, you have to come over here. Now! And no whining. I said that for a reason." own words begin to haunt me...

"And now let's fight again!"

The characters never actually fight in the books, and Graham doesn't fight with his sisters, either. His idea of fighting is waving things around really fast, panting like a dog, and laughing, all at the same time.
It's pretty fun to play Max and Ruby, even if I have to be Max.


Marohl's said...

Funny--as I read this, we are watching "Max and Ruby." Ella loves the show and loves to play the games on You can dress up Max or Ruby.

Sarah Magnuson said...

This is SO cute! Britta still does things like this at the ripe old age of 11.

Ashley said...

Jack likes being Max. (In fact, he thinks Ruby is the one who keeps messing up all of Max's plans. Quite funny, if you think about it.) Maybe Graham and Jack could have a Max and Ruby play date.