Friday, August 21, 2009


Graham's good friend Andrew is here this morning. When a discussion between Thomas and Percy the trains began to get a little loud, I suggested the boys go outside to ride bikes while Bea and Inga napped.
I stuck my head out the patio door a few minutes later.
Me: Andrew, don't you want to ride, too? Graham is riding his bike.
Andrew: Well, there's a spider web in front of the trike.
Graham: It's in the garage.
Me: Would you like me to get the trike out for you?
Andrew: SURE!
Graham: Do you like getting spider webs on you?
I didn't respond to that question. I just got the trike out.
Andrew: Miss Sarah, you're an awesome genius girl!

If that doesn't brighten a person's day, I don't know what will. Any bets on how long it will be before Andrew is the nation's number one motivational speaker?


Emily said...

Too funny! I want to be an awesome genius girl, too.

Rachel said...

I concur entirely. You ARE an awesome genius girl.