Wednesday, January 30, 2008

GPoD 1.30.2008 for Fink and Grandma

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Stuart said...

OK some of us live in the wet and windy UK so dont quite understand the reasons behind Graham wearing what looks like European type national dress. Can we have the reasons please so that we can all share in the reasoning, although he does look quite cute.

Hope that you are all well in NC, MN and IL

David and Sarah said...

Paul (Graham's grandpa Fink) brought this back from Germany when David was very little. David wore this outfit for pictures when he was 2 and Grandma really wanted to see Graham in the outfit, too. So we had a photo shoot!

Stuart said...

So you now have pictures of both Graham and David as a German 2 year old, shame that the pictures of David havent made it onto the blog yet, would be nice to see how he scrubbed up in the kit too.