Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dad Gum--New T-Shirts!

Sarah bought Graham some new t-shirts this morning. They have pictures of characters from Graham's favorite movie, Cars. Which he has seen excess of 14,000 times already. He was so excited about the new t-shirts that he insisted on wearing them both at the same time.


Scott Williams said...

A mere 14,000 times? I think Olivia has seen _Happy Feet_ 14,001 times. :o)

David and Sarah said...

Want to swap DVDs?

leslie ruth said...

Ok, as someone with true redneck family, I feel that I can honestly inform you that the correct spelling is "daggum." Sadly, I also know this because I use the word quite a bit :)

But daggum, your son really is so cute!

Leslie (Unger) Petree
Stranded in TX