Saturday, January 12, 2008

Growing Up

We are members of Durham's Museum of Life and Science. Every time we go, we spend 60% of the time playing with the balls and ramps in Small Science, 35% of the time riding up and down the glass elevator, and 5% running through the other exhibits. Until today. Suddenly, Graham realized that there was so much more to the museum than the balls. And the other parts were suddenly much more interesting. My baby is growing up. At least he still likes the sand and trucks.


Stuart said...

Looks like you have a Sith Lord developing there, either that and I hope it is hes a magician. How many people do you know that can produce that much smoke from there wrists?

Glad to hear that you all had a good Christmas and New Year.

Troy Livingston said...

Hi David and Sarah,

Thanks for the nice post about the Museum and the wonderful photos! We appreciate you sharing your experience with other folks. Thanks for being members!

All my best,

Troy M. Livingston
Vice President for Innovation and Learning
Museum of Life and Science
(919) 220-5429 x328 (office)