Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Visit to the ICN

Here's Inga, chilling with her new breathing tube. She was on 45% oxygen early in the morning, but was down to 25% by this afternoon--meaning that she's needing less help to breathe on her own. Hopefully another day or two and we'll get to see her smiling face unobstructed by scuba gear.

Graham wasn't too sure what to make of all this. Babies he'd seen before--no big deal. But a heat lamp--now that was worth seeing!

Here's Graham checking out Beatrice's toe. Not too impressive, it seems.

Here is Sarah holding Bea for the first time this morning at about 9am. She didn't even get to see them last night--except for the blog!

Here's Bea exercising her powerful lungs.

And here she is trying to decide what to do with her pacifier.

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Keith said...

Praise God!! Your little girls are beautiful! We'll be praying for you guys :) kathy, keith, isaac & benjamin