Thursday, April 23, 2009

BIG PoD 4.23.2009

This is generally how Bea looks when she eats. She's fairly no nonsense - get it in, spit it out, make a mess, done. Then she looks at Inga and is entertained.

This is how Inga looks when she eats:

Inga still gets excited about smashed banana. Please ignore the stained bib - I don't have time to scrub them. Speaking of...has anyone tried the leather bibs out there?
Because they look tempting.

We've been watching When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions. Graham has watched some of it, but after a long day, even rocketships can't keep Graham awake.


Scott and Emily: said...

I had never heard of leather bibs before today, but my super-mom friend says that they are amazing--maybe something to ask for for Mother's Day or some such occasion :)

David and Sarah said...

I'm off to look on!

Chris & Maria Kinsinger said...

We are devoted fans of the Baby Bjorn bibs that catch the food and can be rinsed or wiped clean. Also only a well worth it $10. Could be another option. Happy hunting!