Saturday, April 04, 2009

G/BPoD 4.3.09

Here's G crawling through one of his cushion forts

And here we have our living room turned into a 'playground' and named "Val-er-a-ble Playground" which I think is Valuable Playground. Graham has tried to incorporate the word valuable in every day language after hearing about Strega Nona's valuable pasta pot.

Bea bouncing around

David and Graham did some mowing of the weeds last night. New grass this fall but until then, a long, weedy summer.

And sadly, no pictures of little Inga. She was officially diagnosed with the flu yesterday and if you saw a picture of how she looks now, you'd cry. Poor pathetic little baby. And poor mommy home with the kiddos while D does Air Force stuff at the base two hours away. Sigh.

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Scott and Emily: said...

We send our love to you all...especially the mommy and the sickly girl.

The lighting on the first fort pic. makes it look like a great adventure :)