Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Poor Inga

If you are a faithful blog reader, you know that Inga had the flu this weekend. But by yesterday, I really thought things were getting back to normal. Then this morning at about 2 she decided to start screaming and didn't stop for a very, very long time. So we took her in to see our wonderful pediatrician again today. She now has an ear infection. My friend Amanda called this morning and offered to take Graham to the museum. She called back a few minutes later and said, "Do you think Graham would like to spend the whole day with us?" Um, yes, in fact, he would! When we asked him what he thought he said, "Well, that is just WONDERFUL!" We thought so, too. Thanks, Amanda!


Stuart said...

Poor Inga hope she gets better soon

Sarah said...

Oh, poor Inga!!

Poor Mommy and Daddy!