Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Smith Mountain Lake, VA

We spent two beautiful days at a home on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia with our friends Stephen, Sarah, Isaac, and Theo Sours.

Graham thinks the fishing boat goes too fast, the pontoon aka 'the party boat' goes pretty fast, but tolerable, the jet ski was out of the question, but the paddle boat was just right. Poor timid child! He inherited his mother's wimpy ways.

Stephen, Theo, and Isaac

Graham loved just sitting on the party boat when it wasn't moving. He and Theo took turns honking the horn, which they found wildly amusing.

Graham did some fishing, although we didn't catch much.

Graham and Theo enjoyed racing trucks around and around and around...

One sad, small fish, which was thrown back

The girls' first boat ride. It was a hit initially. By the end they were both screaming.

Isaac was such a great help with the babies!

David, Stephen, and Isaac jumped from the cliffs into 80 ft deep water

Here's the wild side of me coming out: no VA fishing license (D did buy one for himself) but fishing with my son's pole anyway. What a bad, brave girl I am. And the daughter of a retired Conservation Officer. Shocking.

Just chatting about cars

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Scott and Emily: said...

This looks like such a great weekend vacation. I'm glad you all had fun!