Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bahama Christmas Parade

The kids and I drove a few miles north this morning to the little community of Bahama (pronounced BA-HAY-MA, most definitely NOT like The Bahamas). The annual Bahama Christmas parade was the girls' first parade, and the first parade that Graham could remember. It was in the forties and a bit chilly, but we braved the cold to enjoy marching bands, fire engines, and lots of candy! Meanwhile, David continues to slave away on his dissertation in the depths of the Duke library...

Graham LOVED the candy!

North Carolina has a large Scottish population. Kilts, bagpipes, and the Confederate flag.

Some floats were a hit with Graham

and some just made the kids wonder.

Graham was thrilled to see Wool E Bull of the Durham Bulls!

"Give me five!"

This was Graham's expression throughout the hillbilly portion of the parade.

Yes, that's a rifle.

And Inga's disapproval.

Graham loved the little racing cars

Bea loved the horses

And Santa was a hit, of course.

I love small town parades!


scvcia1 said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures and neat to share the experience.

Sarah, the firearms safety graduate?

Thin barrel, large diameter bore = shotgun?

David and Sarah said...

Oops. Considering it's been 17 years since I was a firearms safety graduate and about that long since I've held a gun I think I have an excuse:)

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