Thursday, December 03, 2009

Gingerbread House Day!

Ava and Graham started the afternoon being silly

Peppermint-lined Swiss house

We went with the smartie roof this year rather than a necco roof, resulting in too little candy and too much frosting. Our roof looks like is ready to cave in!

Inga thought it was great to have another little girl in the house!

Bea enjoyed her half of the gingerbread baby

Sweet kids!

Our creation is the tall house with the sad roof and sadder chimney. Susan's creation is the sweet little church with the stained-glass windows and perfectly snowy roof. And wait until you see her wreath on the front of the steeple....

I know, so cute! This church could easily pass for Father Tim's church straight out of Mitford. Ignore the crooked picture. I thought I set the camera on the table to get a good clear close-up but I guess I didn't.

Graham and Ava did a lot of counting today! Overall it was a really fun project. This is the third year Susan and Ava have tackled gingerbread houses with us, and the first year that I've felt like Graham really enjoyed creating with me (and not just eating and playing, although there was still plenty of that). When he came out in the kitchen this morning he saw the assembled house just waiting to be decorated and he said, "Oh Mama! How fun!" His only disappointment is that we did not put hinges on our front door. Maybe next year...

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