Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Hope Valley Santa Train

The kids took their afternoon naps on the hour drive to the New Hope Valley Train Depot.

The museum had many train cars to explore. Graham loved the red caboose!

Bundled up Bea

What is that look? Surprise? Fear? Lack of sleep?

Graham climbed on this engine while we waited for our train to arrive. A few minutes later a man who volunteered at the museum offered to let Graham pretend to drive the engine. Graham loved it!

Is it coming?

A steam engine pulled the train to our stop. We rode behind a diesel engine.

The train's whistle was loud!

The train had five cars: two cabooses and three open window passenger cars. In light of the drizzle and barely forty degree weather, we opted for the caboose with the coal burning stove. We got to ride in the top part which was fun for Graham. Looking out the side windows we saw little surprises along the tracks (penguins, candles, Christmas trees, igloos, a few Santas). Looking out the front window we could see the tops of the passenger cars.

Bea and Inga liked the candy canes the best.

And Graham just liked watching the world go by.

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Scott and Emily: said...

You've had a fun weekend!
I'm so glad your little train master got to spend some quality time ON a train. Can't wait to see all of you!