Thursday, August 05, 2010

Happy Birthday, sweet Graham!

Graham helped make his cake yesterday afternoon. He has become an expert egg-cracker!

This morning our little pirate woke up to streamers, a birthday sign, and his own pirate cake.

Bea and Inga wanted to try on the party hats which looked especially fantastic with their jammies and bed hair.

Aunt Emily called this morning to wish Graham a happy birthday from Texas.

Graham wore his birthday boy pin to Vacation Bible School. He said, "The whole Bible school sang for me!" Later in the day Aunt Katie and baby Elijah came for a birthday visit.

Graham opened presents while Bea, Inga, and Elijah slept.

Animal crackers were a much lower priority for Graham today; he had a lego helicopter to build!

Bea and Inga watched from a distance while Aunt Katie changed Elijah.

Tonight we celebrated Graham's birthday with our neighbors and friends, the Millers. We are so thankful to have met such a great family who happen to live just a few doors down!

We sang to Graham and Daddy cut the cake.

Happy birthday, dear Graham!

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Stuart said...

FIVE already young Graham arent you getting much older. Looks like your mum has once again exceeded herself in cake making and done you another fantastic cake.

Hope that you enjoy your swing when your dad gets it finished. Hope that you also enjoyed thw airshow last week.

Send my love to your mum, dad, two sisters, Aunt Katie and Uncle Josh and of course grandma and Fink. Tell your mum that I hope she doesnt have too long to wait until the birth of your new little brother or sister.