Thursday, August 05, 2010


The kids got a huge birthday present last week: a new swing set. Before it could go in, the large crop of thistles in our backyard had to be destroyed. David and I (mostly David) worked on it for two mornings before it was under control.

Fifty bags of wood chips and three large boxes of swing set parts were delivered to our house. The kids loved watching the process!

"Bye, bye, truck!"

David and Graham took a break on Saturday and went to see the Thunderbirds do cool tricks.

I stayed home with the girls and welcomed my own group of girls: Kathy, Adie, and Eby of NWC days. We hadn't been together in years but it felt like college days again, except for my huge belly, aching back, and the large bottle of wine the other three enjoyed!

Earlier this week David began the long process of staining each piece of wood for the swing set. It's going to be awhile before that thing is up...

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