Thursday, December 02, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Yesterday we went into Christmas mode full force. The kids started the day with their advent calendars. They think it's pretty great to eat a chocolate before breakfast!
David came home early so that we could drink eggnog (he and the kids - I hate eggnog) and decorate the tree.

William taking in the action

Christmas ornaments!

I ordered the kids' ornaments from Mast General Store this year. It's a fantastic group of stores in the mountains of North Carolina and I thought it would be a fitting tribute to the place we left and loved. Plus, they had really cute bike ornaments and that's the milestone I wanted to commemorate for Graham's ornament. The girls got Raggedy Ann ornaments and William got a teddy bear.

The star!
Or not.

Our ceilings are higher in this house than in our old house. Higher ceilings = a taller Christmas tree = the star putter-upper needs to be held higher = Graham freaked out.
"It's too high, Daddy! I'm scared!"

Ok, we'll try Inga.
"Inga, put the star on top of the tree, honey."
"Dat Tismiss tee!! Yay, Inga!"
"Inga, put it on top! Do you see.....never mind. Where's Bea?"

"Ok, Bea. Do you see this little part on the bottom of the star?"

"Do you see how you can put it on top of the pointy part of the tree?"

"There you go, Bea! A little closer....try again....."

"It too scawy, Daddy!"
(Blurry picture, but David's face really says it all.)

So, Daddy put the star on the tree this year. William was pretty upset about the whole thing. I think he might be in charge of the star next year.

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