Saturday, December 18, 2010

William's adventure

Many of you know about our little scare this week with William. Graham was sick with a cold last week, I had a sinus infection this weekend, and Bea started acting clingy and sniffly on Monday. Tuesday night William started sounding a little congested so we thought he had caught our colds. Wednesday morning he was supposed to have his four month appointment at 10:45. When we woke up it sounded like William was purring because his breathing was so noisy. I called the clinic to see if I could get him in earlier and called our sitter to come earlier. She came at 9:30 and I drove William in for a 10:00 appointment. Our doctor was behind schedule so we got into the room at 10:30. The nurse took his temperature (low-grade fever, like the night before) and listened to him. She said she thought he sounded a little funny but his oxygen was fine on the machine. Our doctor walked in the room, looked at William, stepped out and said, "Call 911" and immediately gave William an oxygen treatment. 10 minutes later we were in the ambulance, lights flashing, on the way to the hospital. What our doctor thought was rsv turned out to be croup with stridor. He received more oxygen on the way to the hospital and we sat in the ER with additional oxygen treatments, steriods, and an iv for most of the afternoon. I was able to talk to David before we boarded the ambulance, even though he was in the middle of giving a final exam. Thankfully, he met me at the hospital. William and I spent two nights in the hospital and came home yesterday. He still is goopy but his breathing sounds much, much better. We are so thankful for the good care we received from our doctors and the hospital! We are also extremely thankful for Paul and Peggy, who immediately volunteered to come and help, even though it would have meant that Peggy could not have taken time off at Christmas. We are so thankful for my parents who drove down that afternoon to spend a few days taking care of our other kids so that David could still work and I could stay with William. Thank you all for your prayers for William and us. Even driving over to the hospital I felt relatively calm and I know it is because we were being lifted up in prayer. We truly felt like we had angels watching us throughout this crazy experience! Praise be to Jesus Christ, our God of hope. And hope does not disappoint.

Here is Bop, trying to eat his breakfast with three beggers. Bop got every fourth bite of egg.

Driving a race car in the living room

The little man who made this mama SO nervous this week, and his cock-eyed smile that reminds us of his Uncle Adam!

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