Thursday, November 17, 2005

GPoD: 11.17.2005

A tantrum, as you can see.


Emily Jean said...

I'll still hold you, Graham Dear.

Anonymous said...

As will I.
So, I had this messed up dream last night... Sarah, you had 7 kids - at the same time. For some reason you already had 3 kids, so there were like 10 lil' ones running around. Anyway, it was really weird. Just thought I'd share my prophe... err... dream with ya.
Love ya and can't wait to see y'all in Dec.
~Aaron :)

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine what Sarah would look like with seven little rugrats in her belly? Fantastic, I should think. ;)

Burly said...

I recognize that look. It's the "nothings going to solve my problem but a good scream" look.

Rachel said...

It's the bee's fault.