Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The GrahamCam: Seasick

Here is some nice footage of Graham in nautical attire (compliments of friends in Scotland!) dreaming of the life aquatic. Unfortunatately for the little fellow the swell was a bit too choppy, and he lost his breakfast. It didn't seem to dampen his mood, however. 'Atta babe.


EJS said...

Sar Sar -- this link isn't working for me... suggestions? Graham is so cute. I think that the "flipping the bird" thing is something that he learned from me, the wicked auntie... ask Aaron about this if necessary!
Love to you,

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the link's not working for me either. I'll mess around and see if there's another way to get to the video. Will let ya know Lem.
~Aaron :)

David and Sarah said...

Yes, for some reason the link isn't working. I think the archive page may have rejected the file, as it's too large. I'm investigating the matter.