Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Over the River and Through the Mountains

Here is where we'll be spending our Thanksgiving holiday. My wife's sister's fiance's parents have invited us to their place in Knoxville, and we have decided to brave the possibility of six hours in a car with l'enfant terrible. Each way. Actually, this is more a recognition of Graham's increasing maturity. Besides, we bought him a new car toy for the trip.


Anonymous said...

Ah. Using Google Earth, eh? It's a fun program for... pretty much anything.
~Aaron :)

Burly said...

Shouldn't be too bad a trip. We went 11 hours to Canada from Deerfield when Sam was 26 days old. Gonna be back in Durham after that?

David and Sarah said...

We'll be getting back mid-day on Friday. Are you going to be around?

Scott and Emily said...

YAY! Come to us quickly! We'll be praying for patience and a lot of safety for you as you come up and "down from the mountain, the mountain, the mountain..."

Can't wait to hold Sar Sar and Little Graham (there will be three Grahams here!).
S & E

Burly said...

yup. we'll be around.